Spaces of non-doing

In the dance of existence, we find ourselves at the point between doing and non-doing, between deliberate effort and the serene state of effortless being.
Each new day that graces our lives, is full of possibilities. Those could be challenges, opportunities, adversities, 
passions, or inspired endeavors. 
As we human beings meander through our inner and outer worlds, there is a continuous invitation, not only to seek balance but to embody balance, swaying with the pendulum’s rhythm as it swings between our striving and our surrender.


We've all encountered moments when our endeavours seem to falter, when our efforts strain against the current of existence. In this place, we find ourselves in a stretching process, in which we face uncomfortable lessons, lessons that lend character to our beings.
Yet at the same time, we can also attempt to notice the elements of our life that are unfolding without any thought, the realm of effortless flow, simplicity, and grace.
In our practice of Tea, this truth reveals 
itself with profound clarity. 

Notice how you can be so intrinsically connected to a kettle coming to a boil. 

From the moment you collect the water to the moment you reach for your kettle, here exists a series of synchronicity untouched by the hand of effort. Consider the origins of your water, the clay in your kettle, the perfect boiling point. 
Here, in the convergence of elements, lies a harmony beyond comprehension.
Yet, amidst this harmony, a question lingers: 
what part of ourselves imposes upon this natural symphony, our own identity, our own agenda of 'doing'?
It is a humbling reminder that life is unfolding and we are simply, a part of something beyond measure, a tiny thread of existence within the whole tapestry itself.
The current steeping of tea absorbs into every following steeping of tea, to then echo into the future of everything to come. 
So, let us pause in this moment, seeing into the depths of our bowls, embracing the stillness as we await patiently and resting in space for the mind to quieten, opening our hearts to what is Hidden.
Spaces of non-doing