Each bowl of tea serves us an invitation to remember.

Embracing the profound lessons that tea imparts, we find ourselves in a reflective journey through each bowl, a journey that transcends mere philosophical musings and delves deep into the essence of our humanity.
Amid the vast array of teachings that tea offers about life's philosophies and ideologies, there exists a transformative realization often overlooked - the simple acknowledgment that we are, fundamentally, human beings.

This acknowledgment bestows a unique quality and flavor upon each shared bowl of tea, 
reassuring us that, despite the complexities, 
it's perfectly alright to just be exactly as we are.
Have you ever observed the consistent invitation extended by a bowl of tea, regardless of the emotional spectrum we traverse? Whether in the throes of joy or the depths of despair, the tea offers a resounding affirmation that what we feel is an integral part of the human experience.

As the warmth of the brew traverses from the outer world to our inner selves, it acts as an instant anchor, pulling us into the present moment. The interplay of our senses and the heat draws our awareness inward, gently revealing the unfolding of our own being. The initial tension that we perhaps arrived with dissipates, and the busy mind, preoccupied with the uncertain future, surrenders to the current moment.
Tea becomes the conduit, guiding us back to the reality of the present, steering us away from the labyrinth of 'what could have been' and 'what ifs.' 
By creating a space to simply exist in the current moment, detached from the need to be someone or achieve something, we recognize that the bowl of tea before us is more than sufficient.In this space, we attune ourselves to the intricacies of our human-ness. 
Emotions ebb and flow, thoughts transiently visit, mirroring the constant flux of the external world. 
By embracing the opportunity to be present, 
we invite a stillness within, 
a quiet refuge.
Our inner cave 
that is Cloud-Hidden 
Amongst the Mountains within.
It is here that we listen to the silent echo beneath the noise, finding solace in the enduring serenity that resides within us.
Each bowl of tea serves us an invitation to remember.