About Cloud Hidden Tea Space

Nestled along the bustling Bayshore Drive in Byron Bay, Australia, the Cloud Hidden Tea Space emerges as a sanctuary, an oasis of tranquility amidst the relentless pace of everyday existence. Our Tea Space beckons you to embrace the art of unhurried movement, to purposefully carve out a space in your life where silence, stillness, and connection can be absorbed.

At Cloud Hidden, we are inspired by the belief that tea offers a profound path to reconnect with our place in the world. We extend an invitation for you to embark on this transformative journey alongside us. Our space has been meticulously designed, attending to every detail, ensuring an atmosphere of serenity and meditation that entices you to detach from the clamour of the external world and discover inner peace.

Each day, we offer tea ceremony as a practice of mindful presence, a gateway to cultivate a deep sense of awareness, and a conduit for forging meaningful connections with fellow travellers on this path. Additionally, we warmly welcome private bookings, providing an opportunity for you and your loved ones to gather in a haven of meditative stillness. Our ceremonies span from the early morning to mid-morning, as well as select evenings and weekends, endeavouring to accommodate the diverse tapestry of lifestyles and rhythms. We wholeheartedly aspire for you to find precious pockets of tranquility, knowing that there is always a place where you can simply be, embraced by the serving of bowls of tea.

Step into our space, still yourself, and allow us to serve you a bowl of tea.