In between steepings…

The mysterious essence of space, ways in which we look for, seek, and try to understand it.
When moments fall away and a breath is felt within,
 that opens us into a felt sensation of spaciousness.
A remembering that space is never absent, 
it is simply forgotten. 
Moments in between rounds of tea after we have opened our senses to aromas and steams, it is simply there, a feeling.
Alike to the stars in the sky, without the dark abyss in between they simply couldn’t shine bright.
A leaf falling from a branch.
Wind between blades of grass.
A moment before bowing in reverence.
The way in which a tear sits upon your eyelid and before falling has one last moment resting until it is allowed to be released. 
Space is not something needing not to be found, as it is merely an invitation to that which is ever present. 
A timeless silence beneath the noise.
Swimming amongst the surface of the minds movement and turbulence nature. 
To steep a little further down, a process of quietening, merging and falling into the 
oceans depth of stillness and silence. 
No matter how often we spend periods of time upon the surface, those spacious echoes from down below are always there. 
Patiently awaiting. 
May we remind one another of this.
To share tea in silence 
And listen to the silence within tea.
again, and again.
In between steepings…