2 years anniversary and 160,000 bowls of tea served..

In the 2 years since Cloud Hidden Tea Space has opened to the public we have served around 160,000 bowls of Tea. 
Each bowl of Tea was received amongst thousands of silent ambient hours. 
With each new day the heavy wooden doors open followed by feet quietly shuffling in, and bodies step through the brown Noren for the 6 am ceremony, sitting bathed by the Sun’s morning light that rises beaming through the small rendered thatched window, ceremonies continue as we approach the darkening evening as we sip Tea gently into the closing of the day.

A coming together of humans in all shapes and stories to share a common thread of simplicity and connection. As the big wheel of the world turns, may we continue to find peace amongst our daily rituals together, returning to our inner abodes, and connecting deeply to the precious yet fleeting moments.

In the cycles of Nature that we are intrinsically a part of, the wheel turns slowly but surely, rotating planets, Suns, Moons, and stars colliding with each breath. We are minuscule in comparison yet, here we exist, as human beings. Constantly riding the pendulum swings from confusion in search of meaning to the realization that it is a miracle, our existence. 
That there is air in our lungs and a heart beating. 
This in itself can be enough, for it is all we have. 
Society does a wonderful job at pulling to a certain end of the pendulum and grips. This is why it is an endless bow of gratitude to the practice of Tea that relieves some weight that we may carry. As we become present to the ordinary, remembering the gift within our existence, and offering our simple presence and service to others.

In honour of 2 full rotations, we thank you deeply for your presence in this special community both close and afar.
Thank you for Tea.
2 years anniversary and 160,000 bowls of tea served..