RED TEA • A Morning classic

Red tea, is a type of tea that has been enjoyed in China for centuries.
With its bold flavor and rich cultural significance, it's no wonder that red tea remains a popular choice for tea lovers around the world. Red tea is a type of tea that is fully oxidized, giving it a distinctive reddish-brown color and bold flavor.
Red tea is processed to create its unique flavor profile.
The process of making red tea is similar to that of other types of tea, but with a few key differences.
First, the tea leaves are withered, which involves letting them dry out for several hours. This helps to reduce the moisture content of the leaves and make them more pliable.
Next, the leaves are rolled or crushed to release their natural oils and enzymes. This process is known as maceration, and it helps to initiate the oxidation process. The leaves are left to oxidize in a warm, humid environment for several hours, during which time they turn a reddish-brown color and develop their unique flavor profile.
After oxidation, the leaves are dried to halt the oxidation process and remove any remaining moisture. Then ready to be brewed.
Because of the unique nature of this process, red tea is often suited mostly for mornings as it can tend to lean on the stronger side in profile. However if brewed lighter it is of course suitable for an afternoon cup of tea.
Often a well enjoyed brew by all tea drinkers, whether in ceremony or casually starting your morning.
It is also a great entry point to learning qualities or brewing a fine cup of tea.
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RED TEA • A Morning classic