A bowl of tea could last a lifetime

A steaming bellowing, warm bowl filled with the liquor of tea.
In a linear perspective, the phenomena of this bowl of tea probably had a rough time frame of anywhere between 15 seconds to 5 minutes of having tea in the bowl then being empty.
We naturally in western world compartmentalise experiences and put fences around most things to say this is this, and that is that. 
A bowl of tea could last 15 seconds,
and yet that is enough to last a life time.
Most of us can remember receiving our first bowl of tea in ceremony.
Something happens. 
It can be a moment we ever forget and yet that moment was a mere few minutes being with that bowl.
Perhaps we can still even experience the aromas and profile as if that moment were still happening right now.
As we move deeper into our personal journeys of tea.
Whether it is more ceremony based with others,
an individual practice to cultivate mindfulness, or of course simply enjoying the act of putting a kettle on to boil in the afternoon when getting home from work.
Regardless of intentions and reasons, it is easy to become complacent within the offering tea as a gesture of service.
We can never truly comprehend how a bowl of tea may be received on the other end.
So when we offer a bowl of tea to a friend, others in our community or to a stranger.
It may be a moment which lasts a lifetime for them.
As we may never know what others have happening in the lives of others, even those closest to us.
A simple offering that is made with a heart of respect and hands of humility could truly make someones day and be the catalyst that assists them through difficult times and circumstances.
It is important to continually again and again treat each bowl we serve as if it was our first from a beginners mind and simultaneously our last bowl in this lifetime which we would meet with complete reverence and gratitude.
This approach can be beneficial when receiving, to be able to meet each moment as our one and only encounter.
May this week bring moments of simplicity, gestures of service and connection cultivated.
A bowl of tea could last a lifetime