In the end, it is only a beginning

Cycles of life on a vast perspective which can take us up to the stars, planets and solar systems above.
All the way down to intricate and detailed tiny cells in our body make us ponder in thought.



Naturally we somewhat understand the cycles.
Birth, growth, decay then death
It is undisputedly everywhere we look
It can even be quite confronting to
really sit with, knowing we are bound to this.
In a perhaps different lense placed upon the eyes which see,
it could also bring tremendous comfort.
Maybe things or life don’t even end or begin,
for one simply can’t be without the other.
As soon as there is life, it gives birth to death
with death, there is then permission for new life.

Water in our tea bowls today, was up in the sky only days ago.
The charcoal in our brazier bringing this water to boil with fierce heat, were trees not too long ago.
The bowls in our hands, once clay amongst the Earth.
Our hearts beating from letting go of a breath.


Opening unknown doorways requires a closing of those known.
Planting new ideas and seeing them grow to become fruits of fulfilment whilst knowing they could decay in dissatisfaction.
A compromise in these cycles is having an ability to deeply accept the pendulum which swings from side to side.
Not getting stuck and blinded by the end which
brings us most comfort.
As this very next bowl of tea you hold steams, taking a pause before sipping.
To reflect with reverence.
Seeing the other side and knowing it is also
where you are this very moment.
In the end, it is only a beginning