M O V I N G with change

Tides come and go.
Moon and Sun rises to fall.
Motions are ever present,
When we grip, 
what is it we are attempting to hold,
Within stillness we can honour and witness
the ever changing phenomena of life in its movement of
Grand magnitude and minute insignificance.
Change is happening every moment externally
and internally.
We simply end up somewhere
or perhaps nowhere at all.
Our practice can offer the invitation
of letting go, letting go, letting go
to move with the mystery
and see with beginners eyes
again, and again

once more.




Our daily practice or simply coming to sit in ceremony is an opportunity within the inevitable change of life, to ironically sit within the unchanging. 

The structured and mundane process of making a cup of tea is timeless and simple. To allow movement above to be turbulent with chaos, yet as we know the deeper an ocean goes, the more quiet and stillness is presented.

join us for tea, momentarily ordain from the noise outside, and share moments of stillness..


M O V I N G with change