Experimenting with the process of making tea

To make tea..
Boil the water, steep the tea, drink your bowl.
And yet we have the ability to experiment, explore and refine endlessly for many lifetimes around this 3 step frame work.
One of the unique aspects of tea as a practice is it can literally come with you anywhere.
On a plane travelling to the other side of the world, in your room before work or study, with friends on their deck and amongst the endless spectrum of places within the natural world we live in that become a spot to sit quietly and absorb the sounds, smells and sights around us.
Whilst tea can be a very disciplined practice where we set our alarms for a certain time each morning.
It can also be quite the opposite in our explorations of refining through experimentation in brewing a beautiful cup of tea.
Whether you are curious of how water structure is effected through which heating method is used, induction, gas, infrared or charcoal.
Where the water itself is sourced from and how different water sources create a unique mouthfeel once brewed with tea, with decreasing or increasing qualities that can be felt and known over time in subtle and also profound ways.
It is an enjoyable process to see how you feel throughout different experimentations, and simply noticing.
If you are someone who enjoys sitting early morning for an hour, how does it feel if you sit late in the afternoon instead, perhaps even extending the time frame you usually sit for and lean into a longer duration that may be uncomfortable at first.
Whilst the mindful practice of tea can be a meditation in itself, is it easier for you to sit for a longer period of time in stillness after a few bowls or tea, or perhaps you do so beforehand. Try the other ways around if you already have a preference and simply notice what you feel or can observe.
Music is often a component of tea in ceremony which can evoke inward reflection.
We have been curating playlists which we share on our website weekly https://cloudhidden.com.au/pages/tunes to listen to at home.
It is nice every now and then to have no music, letting the rumble of our kettle be at the forefront.
And of course, when we take the time to bring our teaware out into Nature allowing ourselves to be totally absorbed in the world around us is another space in which harmony can be felt through all senses.
There are no wrong or rights with how you go about these elements of drinking tea.
It is simply an oppurtunity to continually refine and develop understanding as well as noticing differences in which we feel.
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Experimenting with the process of making tea