Moments which can’t be held

Holding on, ironically requires more effort, causes strain and often is kindling that sparks greater fires of suffering.
We can photograph moments to look at for lifetimes to come, or do our best to hold memories shared.
Yet at the end of the day not even our breath can be held longer then a certain period of time.
Without the breath itself, we simply cannot exist.
Even our most fundamental element in which we need,
cannot be held onto.
simply known momentarily, appreciated, then let go of.
The experiences which truly captivate us and almost leave our mind questioning if it even happened are the ones which pass by like a gentle spring breeze,
they appear, then disappear without a trace.
In the bigger scheme amongst the cycles of life.
our human experience is just that,
a miraculous fleeting moment .
Each time we return to a cushion and sit, closing down our eyes, even for just a moment, we are reminded to open them once more with a fresh perspective, beginners lens, and see things exactly as they are.
passing by in the sway of trees
steam from a kettle
waves upon the shore like chandeliers
the laugh of a child
this breath which peacefully arrives then departs
Leaving an imprint upon us, yet no trace to follow
arriving without any destination.
Moments which can’t be held