One year of service at the Tea Space

Since opening early February 2022. 
After having already spent 6-7 months prior hand building the tea space with all the up and downs, moral drops and inspirations lifted that came with 
the creation process in itself. 
It has been a special experience to 
share tea with many people. 
Watching new journeys begin from a first sip, and already existing practices then deepening with an opportunity to sit with others on a daily basis.

Unknown doorways that we walk through in life can be scary. They bring about challenges, frustration and doubt. 
Along with all the other fruits that grow on the same tree of life like joy, connection, acceptance 
and everything else in between. 
Through all of the above plus so much more in which we are learning along the way, there is a warmth in knowing that no matter what, there was always kettles coming to boil in service for those walking into the space regardless of circumstances and challenges being faced.


Failures and successes mean ultimately the same thing, one can’t be known without the other and perhaps both of those are a never ending cycle based on perception. 
The richness however, is in knowing people have had an opportunity each day for the last year to sit 
and create space for themselves, 
even 5:30am ceremonies in the middle of winter!
Around 98,000 bowls of tea were served during the year that has passed, and we hope that this is simply the beginning of community building and an experience for those travelling to have for many years to come.
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One year of service at the Tea Space