A bowl reminds us each time

the value in filling and receding

Each moment we hold a full bowl

Awaits a sensory experience


As we stand on the cusp

Of tasting the universe

That has been absorbed into

A few mere leaves


Providing us with the stars

Rising moon and falling suns

gentle rains and minerals

From quietly deep down below


Like the tides timeless rhythms

Our bowls come then easefully go

The departure allows us not to be attached

With the arrivals that sail our way


For if there were no space between stars

Nothing would shine so bright

Or be appreciated for its beauty

knowing both dark and light


Empty bowls remind us how we all began

From a gentle nothingness

In between we momentarily fill with life

To simply return back to humble beginnings


The bitterness of contemplating cycles

Allow a sweetness of mortality

To appreciate the momentary air

Which are filled within precious lungs


The fleeting phenomena

Of our hearts which beat

And the flowing rivers of qi that

meander delicately within our body


Absorbing into stillness

To see the mystery within

Knowing it can’t be answered

Nor can it even be known.