An introduction to Green Tea

In the vast realm of tea, few beverages capture the essence of tradition and wellness quite like green tea. For centuries, this aromatic and refreshing elixir has held a cherished place in the hearts of tea connoisseurs worldwide. From ancient origins in China to modern-day wellness enthusiasts, green tea continues to enchant with its delicate flavors and remarkable health benefits. Join us on a journey to explore the wonders of green tea, uncovering its history, unique processing, and the cultural significance that makes it an enduring favorite among tea lovers.
What sets green tea apart is its minimal oxidation process.
Unlike red tea, which is fully oxidized, green tea leaves undergo partial oxidation. The processing begins immediately after plucking the leaves, ensuring their freshness and nutrient retention.
This offers a brew which is light, fresh and sweet. 
Cloud-Hidden Green Tea ‘Temple Mist’
Immerse yourself in simplicity and purity with Temple Mist, a green tea that embodies grace and tranquility. Delicate aromas and subtle flavours gracefully dance upon your palate, creating a truly uplifting experience. 
Crafted from both buds and leaves, this tea unravels depth and body, offering a multi-dimensional journey for your senses. 
Temple Mist cools the body, detoxifies, and cleanses, providing a refreshing sensation through the body and spirit. 
Like the mist gradually ascending the mountainside, veiling an ancient temple, this tea emanates a soft and gentle essence that connects with something ancient, profound, and wise—an embodiment of age-old traditions. 
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An introduction to Green Tea