Can this bowl of tea be enough?

Within the realm of tea, whether enjoyed alone or shared with loved ones, lies an opportunity to appreciate the moment. 
It is a chance to fully immerse ourselves, neither desiring more nor feeling any lack. 

In the unfolding of life, there will come a time when we would give everything for another chance to kindle the charcoal,  boil a kettle, steep the leaves, and cradle a bowl of warm brew in our hands.
Only the comfortable mind of forgetting the fleeting nature of life can hinder our ability to truly appreciate this experience. It is not an easy task, very much easier said then done, but an invitation to delve deeper into the practice of remembering through the echoed whispers in quietude.

The next time we gather for tea, let us approach it with a little care in our every movement. Let us surrender to the subtle nuances of each sip, allowing the aroma, steam, and delicate tendrils of incense to guide our senses. In this meditative state, we will begin to perceive the unfolding dance of tea brewing. a mesmerising spectacle where each bowl becomes a reflection of an 

entire world of clouds hidden within.
As we traverse the path of tea, we come to realise that this humble vessel, holding the elixir of tranquility, is far more than just a vessel. It is an embodiment of wisdom, beauty, and the essence of existence itself.
 With each sip, we partake in a ritual that transcends the boundaries of time and space. 
It is a testament to the profound bottomless depth that lies within the simplicity of a bowl of tea. 
Can this bowl of tea be enough?