An emptiness which is full..

Often within the endless cycles of life which arise then pass in our lives.
From the grandest all the way down to the simple breath which is moving through our bodies this very moment. We tend to lean into focusing more upon the rising, the fresh newness or that which stimulates from an initial rush.
However by focusing too much upon one side of a cycle can leave us blinded to the reality of nights which merge out of day, of dark into light.
Rivers which meander from the great big Ocean. 
As we steep tea, naturally we can somewhat appreciate or indulge more in the first few rounds which delight our senses through rich aromas, inviting us with ease to absorb in. 
Requiring a bit more practice however, towards the later steepings that taper off into a softer and not so pronounced liquor to feel this same appreciation.


A falling away is what truly allows a coming together. 
Bowls of tea in ceremony can only return once gone out, an inward invitation outward. Reminding us that although we are constantly surrounded by people, there is always an individual solitude amidst numbers. 
That stillness is ever present amongst movement. 
Where silence is also sound and sound can evoke silence.
So as we naturally tend to look at elements of our lives through a certain lense. 
Can we this week in some shape, way or form, invite ourselves into perceiving something from a different angle and simply notice the moments often overlooked. 
A last whisper of smoke from an incense, a leaf falling off the tree above us as we sit for tea. Moments in between that feel like the earth has stood still momentarily on its axis.
Can we hold our bowl of tea whilst it is empty and yet still feel a fullness, that nothing is lacking and the entirety of all that can be is currently present within the bowl?
Join us in ceremony 
An emptiness which is full..