Echoes on a quiet Dawn

We sit entwined in the rhythms of nature that is ever-present. From the most expansive ways you can imagine, all the way down to the tiniest, these patterns 
weave into the tapestry of life itself.

While there is the experience in which we perceive life in linear form, through the ways we label things such as, this is Day, this is Night. We attach words to the moment, it is Sunny, it is Cloudy and we might say with surety when the Ceremony started and when it finished.Though, where do the moments that lay in between begin and where do they end?

For those of us who enjoy piercing the horizontal timeline with timelessness, it is in those in-between moments that are effortlessly present that we find solace.
Awakening before light in the early hours of dark stillness and peaceful silence. Echoes of nothingness, met with a gentle drone of kettles building in temperature, we can hear the rumble of a language that has been 
singing into the eternal now.

This silence and unshakable stillness don't just disappear once the movement of our lives gathers momentum in a new day, it is simply through the absence of being with it that we forget. Letting go of the framework which divides, allowing the moments in between, to be the moments in totality. 
Whether we are resting at the tea table in the comforts of our home or in a time of adversity, an undercurrent of quietude is available to you, like the depths of the ocean resting beneath turbulent waves.

There is always an invitation to rest in what is simply unfolding and move with this from an effortless stillness. Each bowl of Tea gently calls us into this eternal now.
Echoes on a quiet Dawn