Cloud-Hidden • 425ml Teapots

Our crafted 425ml teapots are the perfect teaware when moving out of individual practice and sharing tea for a few close friends or family.

The teapot, residing at the heart of tea brewing, holds a profound influence over our tea experience. Every aspect, from the clay it is meticulously crafted from to its captivating aesthetics and ergonomics, is thoughtfully considered. Each element harmoniously converges to shape our tea journey.
Hand-finished and carefully fashioned from Taiwanese Clay, our range of teapots is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. Each teapot undergoes a transformative process, as ash from a wood fire kiln is carefully applied to infuse unique character onto every piece. The resulting teapots mirror the diverse hues of the earth, echoing our origin and ultimate return.
Our 425ml Clay Side Handle Teapot is available in a selection of glazes, ranging from the profound depths of darkness to the ethereal realms of light. Each glaze imbues the teapot with a distinct personality, creating a profound connection between vessel and brew.
Holding a quantity to comfortably served 4-6 people
Cloud-Hidden • 425ml Teapots