What Tea should I buy?

One of the most enjoyable elements of tea is that it is completely unique for every single one of us. We could spend years drinking one type of tea and continually again and again deepen our relationship to that single type whether be red, oolong, white, shou etc.

Some of us naturally gravitate to darker, earthy rich tea to begin with, then learn to appreciate lighter sweeter tea, or perhaps dont. And others will begin enjoying sweet fresh fragrant liquors.
Each time we drink tea is often based upon circumstantial elements, what the weather is doing, time of day, how we are feeling internally and above all the occasion itself. 
There is absolutely no wrong or right in what you feel like drinking especially if you are serving yourself. However as you develop your own practice and relationship to types and qualities of tea, it will slowly become a way in which to differentiate when is more suited for certain tea and why. Some common basics when beginning as an example, are Shou is warming in its quality and more in harmony with cooler weather. Red is often orientated to being a morning tea due to its uplifting qualities. Of course however, it is ok to drink these teas outside of these frameworks. Each tea has its own expression, qualities and properties which take years and perhaps lifetimes to get to know.
There is no rush in developing this, it is an enjoyable slow process.
Beginning properties
White tea - Cooling, light and fresh
Shou Puerh - Dark, rich, earthy and warming 
Red - vibrant, uplifting, energising
Liu bao - removes dampness, earthy, dark
Green tea - Fresh, light, sweet and cooling
Our Cloud Hidden teas cover all of these areas to begin and continue your journey of developing a relationship to tea and their qualities.
Purchase tea..
With warmth.
What Tea should I buy?