What sized teapot will suit me?

Choosing your teapot is an exciting and beautiful moment in time.
However it can also be somewhat stressful or perhaps isn’t beneficial to your personal practice and quality of tea in general depending on what size you have chosen.
As our relationship to tea and practice cultivates over time, a certain feeling can begin to arise in knowing how our brewing itself is doing justice to the tea in our teapot. We are able to navigate improvements needed in order for the tea to release qualities and an essence.
A major element to allowing this quality or feeling to present itself is retaining heat. Without elaborating too much, as it is an enjoyable process to work out individually as opposed to reading a formula.
The more we are able to retain heat, the more the leaves can open.
When we are serving ourself or another, smaller teapots are much more cohesive to this retaining of heat.
Often it is the nature of our mind to think the bigger the better.
However it is not the case for tea.
Intimate and small will allow for your experience to be much more enjoyable.
If you by chance have a large pot and small pot, you can obviously experiment with this and gage for yourself the difference.
Our Cloud Hidden 250ml teapots are specifically designed for your own personal practice or to serve a few close loved ones or friends tea.
Serving upto 3 comfortably but more importantly improving your quality of tea.
This is the teapot we use for our home practice.
Our range of teapots can be viewed and purchased through our website
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What sized teapot will suit me?