Immersed in the unfolding and rhythms of nature's seasons, we find ourselves in a flux of change and transformation. 

As Winter gradually fades in the southern hemisphere, bringing rise to the first colours of vibrant Spring.


A hibernation of the cooler and darker months which is often a period of retreat and reflection. This needed time of quietude allows us to rest and shed the accumulated layers of what we can choose to let go of. Finding solace in an embrace of the darkness, a comfort which can be felt in the many bowls of dark tea that hold us in stillness time and time again.


Can we approach this pendulum swing of seasons with the same mindfulness and intentionality that we approach our personal practice? As each season comes with its own gifts and invitations, teaching us to adapt and find beauty in every phase with an appreciation that isn’t attached or holding on, simply allowing.


Our relationship to tea this change offers us a chance to morph in our approach to brewing. Gently moving into amber and lighter tea’s as the season warms, which require a more attentive mind when brewing to truly bring out the subtleties hidden within each leaf that can only be brought forth through an understanding of how the leaves themselves want to be brewed. Approaching from a place of less is more, how little amount can we put in our teapots and yet still bring out the most of what is awaiting within the leaves once the harmony of heat, water and earth are in cohesion with one another. 


A moment with Natures cycles to reflect on our appreciation for tea in its totality and notice if there are any areas in which we can open into and further deepen our practice amongst the endless vast oceans of wisdom awaiting.