Throughout the journey of our lives, there come moments when uncertainty envelops us, leaving us at crossroads where the path ahead remains obscured, and the destination shrouded in doubt. It is during these seasons of change amidst the challenges, that offer opportunities for growth.
Through the ebb and flow of our experiences, we find ourselves confronted with the prospect of falling, then rising, only to fall again and again. In an ironic twist, the very pursuit of fulfillment can often lead to the unintentional adding on of complexities, as we pile layers upon layers in a quest to fill space within, when perhaps it is in the principle of the space itself where our reflections can be seen.


As we navigate the meandering rivers of our lives, let us be reminded that the beauty we blindly chase are not elusive, but an integral part of the world around us if we allow clarity to be known upon the lakes of stillness. Just as a leaf effortlessly and gracefully descends from a tree, so do we, through a lifelong practice of surrendering, a way in which all that needs to be spoken can be heard within silence that permeates from the very spaces in between that are so often avoided in the outer world. 


With our tea practice and a settling into stillness comes motions of turning inwards and processes of letting go. 

Seeing the beauty upon the moments in between. 

Tea in ceremony evokes what is seemingly mundane, offering appreciation for life in its most perceived simple expressions that leave a long lasting impression upon us. 
May we continue seeing the moments in between no matter where we are or what we are doing. 
Noticing a little more 
the leaves which gently fall away effortlessly
into our bowls once again