Temple Mist | Green Tea


 Unveiling serenity

Virtues: Light, Sweet, Subtle

Size: 50g

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis

Immerse yourself in a realm of simplicity and purity with Temple Mist, a green tea that embodies grace and tranquility. Delicate aromas and subtle flavours gracefully dance upon your palate, creating a truly uplifting experience. 

Crafted from both buds and leaves, this tea unravels depth and body, offering a multi-dimensional journey for your senses. Temple Mist cools the body, detoxifies, and cleanses, providing a refreshing sensation through the body and spirit. 

Like the mist gradually ascending the mountainside, veiling an ancient temple, this tea emanates a soft and gentle essence that connects with something ancient, profound, and wise—an embodiment of age-old traditions. 

In ancient China, the first cup of green tea marked the official beginning of spring, a moment of great significance. As you savour each sip, you become a part of the timeless rituals. 

Embrace the arrival of spring with a pot of Temple Mist, and allow its serene flavours and ancient wisdom to transport you to a place of harmony and renewal.


Presented in a handmade paper bag made by an Aboriginal Yunnanese tribe, and enclosed within a sugar pulp mold resembling a Qing Dynasty jar.