Solitude | Tea Biscuit | Shou Puerh

Seek the Inner Sanctuary

Virtues: Smooth, Comforting, Reflective

Size: 10g

Step into the serene world of Solitude, a Shou Puerh tea that invites you to seek your inner sanctuary. With its smooth and comforting nature, this tea serves as a gentle guide, leading you away from the noise of the world and into the peaceful refuge within yourself.

Indulge in the rich flavours of Solitude as you embark on a journey of returning home. With each sip, feel the warmth and tranquility enveloping you, creating a space of calm and stillness. 

Allow the complexities of life to fade away as you find solace in the simple pleasure of this tea. Discover the power of solitude, where the external distractions dissolve, and the inner wisdom emerges. 

In this sanctuary within, you can reconnect with your essence. Embrace the meditative qualities of Solitude as you create space for reflection, introspection, and rejuvenation. Seek solace and find the sanctuary you carry within.

Orders of 10 and 20 biscuits are enclosed within a sugar pulp mold resembling a Qing Dynasty jar.