[Inner] Alchemy | 90's Shou Puerh


Enter into Alchemy, a 1990s Shou Puerh pressed and crafted into single-serve 5g portions.

This Tea reveals a gentler side of Shou, inviting you to explore the Spaciousness within each cup. As you sip, the softer, more nuanced textures and tastes gracefully emerge, reflecting the clean and relaxing energetics that define this brew. Alchemy is smooth and rounded in the mouth, creating a sense of soothing depth. 

Alchemy's mature Qi and spacious essence make it the ideal candidate for blending, offering an opportunity to infuse other teas with its humble yet profound character. It is a  patient companion, but once it does open up, it expands constantly, like a quiet force making its presence known.

Alchemy's versatility extends to prove suitable for boiling tea, as Alchemy is a beautiful addition to blends, infusing them with softened depth and aged tea's wisdom without overpowering. 

Explore graceful transformation with Alchemy.