Weekend Tea Immersions

Create Space for Stillness with our Weekend Immersion

Our weekend tea immersion offers you an opportunity to dive deeper into your journey with tea.  


Discover the Art of Tea and Deepen Your Practice

Whether you have been sitting for many years or even if this is your first experience. The spectrum of tea is vast and endless, so this is an invitation to keep that in mind whilst staying open and receptive to your own experiences with Tea.  Immerse yourself in the serenity of our Tea Space, nestled in the heart of beautiful Byron Bay]. These transformative weekends are crafted to guide you into the world of tea, fostering a deep connection with the ancient practice and with fellow tea enthusiasts. For this immersive we have chosen areas that create a steady foundation on which to build from in the hope that it will nourish a practice of daily ritual. It may even become a way of life.


What to Expect

Our weekend tea courses are an invitation to step away from daily life, allowing you to fully embrace the soothing rhythm of tea preparation and ceremony. These courses offer an immersive experience that goes beyond brewing techniques. You'll learn about the cultural and spiritual dimensions of tea, discovering how it can become a pathway to mindfulness, presence, and connection.




8:00AM - Tea Ceremony 

9:00AM - Intro to tea talk + brewing method philosophy and instruction 


1:30PM - Practical brewing and learning


9:00AM - Tea Ceremony

10:00AM - Tea Philosophy, brewing philosophy and instructions


1:30PM - Brewing practical and learning