Vessel | 1300ml | 'Light'


Space gives birth to purpose

Introducing an extraordinary addition to the Cloud Hidden collection.

The vessel embodies the essence of space, giving rise to purpose. The hollowed wall becomes a doorway, the empty bowl cradles the tea, and the vacant mind absorbs wisdom.

These Vessels transcend the confines of traditional kettles and teapots. They offer a blank canvas for you to define their purpose.


Ways to utilize this Vessel:


With its compact size and flameproof design, it serves as an ideal kettle for intimate sessions or for those who prefer a smaller vessel.


Effortlessly transforming into an exquisite teapot, it features a broad lid and refined spout, perfect for casual gatherings.

Boiling Tea

Moreover, it seamlessly fulfills the role of a tea-boiling vessel. This innovative approach to brewing enables both a ceremonial approach, while also facilitating continuous tea brewing in relaxed settings.