Clay handle | 425ml


The teapot, residing at the heart of tea brewing, holds a profound influence over our tea experience. Every aspect, from the clay it is meticulously crafted from to its captivating aesthetics and ergonomics, is thoughtfully considered.
Hand-finished and carefully fashioned from Taiwanese Clay, our range of teapots is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. Each teapot undergoes a transformative process, as ash from a wood fire kiln is carefully applied to infuse unique character onto every piece. 

Our 425ml Clay Side Handle Teapot is available in a selection of glazes, ranging from the profound depths of darkness to the ethereal realms of light. Each glaze imbues the teapot with a distinct personality, creating a profound connection between vessel and brew.

It is essential to note that every piece from Cloud Hidden is an exclusive, hand-finished masterpiece. No two kettles, bowls, or teapots are alike, mirroring the individuality of each tea session. To provide you with a glimpse into the essence of our creations, we have catagorized our range based on glazing types, offering a glimpse into the unique sensations and experiences that each piece may evoke.