Tea as a sensory experience

The ever unfolding sensitivity, subtlety and reverence that can develop from the invitation to be completely absorbed in your simple day to day cup of tea.
A remembering each time we return to our cushions.
Of something in which we all know,
yet seem to forget all too often.
We have many words for this experience
but perhaps it is
a common feeling.
One in which we all share.
The moment our eyes close down softly
Chaos, noise and distractions that were moments ago yelling,
drown away as the whispers of the feeling which yearns
comes forth and we once more 
momentarily remember a
quiet stillness that is always present. 
A common meeting point as to why many of us open a door into the world of tea that is filled with mystery intertwined with simplicity is the bridge between turning inward for self reflection, as well as in the moment experiences of being with all of our senses through the movements of tea in ceremony
All in one eb before the next flow, to feel water with fingers resting on the handle and gentle deep drones emitting from the kettle which allow us to not just relying on hearing. Hands are warmed by the clay shaped into a bowl that once laid amidst the earth. Aromas before we even take our first sip draw the fragrences being carried up from the steam outwardly, to go internally. 
As a sensory experience that merges the inner and outer. It is an invitation to use our senses in a way that allows us to naturally enquire and be mesmerised by the phenomena of mundane moments which fleetingly pass by often unnoticed. An ability to observe the sensations of warming or cooling properties internally from types of tea not just tasting.  An openness to hear the intricacies of a cup of tea being poured and knowing exactly when your bowl has been handed to you with eyes closed and not relying on sight. Trace minerals drawn up from roots deep down below, up towards the trunk, eventually into leaves that arrive humbly to the teapot. Met with boiling water and received with reverence by those of us who choose simple cup of teas as our practice and way. Stretching linear thoughts that fall away into an all encompassing feeling.
In the complications of everyday life 
that continually attempt to 
draw us away from the rich mundane 
process of sharing tea. 
May we always be reminded that 
within this cherished bowl 
is a moment of forever
we can never get back
Join us for these moments in time for ceremony
We serve 7 days a week..
Tea as a sensory experience