Making S P A C E to hear quietude

One may meet many challenges or seemingly roadblocks in cultivating a practice, a practice of which we come home to ourselves, we go inward, to meet the silence.
The external world of noise and distractions is constant but we aim to accept this presence as an opportunity, we aim to have right and good effort in all that we do.
The silence has always been there, it is unchanging and ever accessible, it is patiently waiting for you to reach back in, regardless of weeks, months, or years that may have gone by, you can reside and take comfort in knowing it is still there as you.
This is why we create space, to cultivate a practice within our external worlds, to create space in our inner worlds, and within this spaciousness you meet grace, uplifting and soothing our spirit and mind.
It is here, as we witness the wisp and movement of incense smoke that dances against subtle movements, and it is in this receptivity that we may not only witness the changing light of the rising sun pouring into the space, but we also allow it to move us, we allow ourselves to feel the fleeting preciousness of life.
Just as it is in the fleetingness of the bowl of Tea that warms your hand, this simple moment, always unfolding, nothing else, just meet this silence, this spaciousness, this grace.
Making S P A C E to hear quietude