A beginners mind..

In the timeless realm of meditation and tea, the concept of "Beginner's Mind" blooms like a rare and precious blossom, inviting us to traverse the path of seeing things anew, with openness, curiosity, and receptivity. This nurturing mindset sparks a continuous journey of learning and exploration, where uncharted potentials await our discovery.

As we immerse ourselves in the gentle rhythm of tea ceremony, a daily ritual graced with humble simplicity, we recognise the beauty of approaching it with a "Beginner's Mind." 

The act of boiling the kettle, steeping the tea, and savouring each sip becomes an extraordinary odyssey of presence, shedding the weight of expectations and preconceived notions. Instead, we open ourselves to the mystery of the moment, allowing each cup to reveal its impermanence, much like the ever-changing essence of nature within the bowl of tea. In doing so, we liberate our lives from the confines of certainty, unlocking the doors to boundless insights and transformative growth. With the "Beginner's Mind," we unfasten the finality of destinations, embarking on a never-ending exploration, where each day unfolds with new possibilities and nuanced shifts that add depth and richness to our journey.
Every action, from making tea to preparing a meal, from fulfilling work to creating art, invites us to embrace the art of unknowing, to approach it with fresh eyes, as if encountering it for the very first time. 


By embracing the "Beginner's Mind," we step into a realm of heightened observance, where subtleties once unnoticed become radiant beacons of discovery. 

Through the lens of the "Beginner's Mind," 

the world becomes a realm of perpetual fascination, 

offering limitless opportunities for 

growth and self-awareness.

Our daily rituals, once ordinary, transform into sacred moments of self-reflection, where the tea becomes a mirror, inviting us to gaze deeper within to see reflection in stillness within movement.

Through tea ceremony, we delve into the meditative rhythm of preparation and sipping, letting the fragrance and taste guide us to the essence of the present moment. With each sip, we journey deeper within ourselves. We cultivate gratitude for the simplicity and elegance of each gesture. The art of making and savoring tea reminds us to cherish the little moments in life, like the warmth of a teapot in our hands or the soothing aroma of the brew. We learn to let go of the weight of past experiences and future expectations, embracing the boundless possibilities of the now. Tea ceremony becomes a sanctuary where we celebrate the art of being fully present, relishing the timeless communion of tea, silence, and self.
In the harmony of tea, we find a sanctuary of stillness, a refuge from the frenetic pace of the world.
This week, as you partake in the gift of tea and life, let the "Beginner's Mind" guide your steps, and may you be ever receptive to the boundless insights that reveal themselves along the way. 


In the stillness of tea ceremony and the beauty of each moment, may you find the profound magic of existence, 

where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, 

and the essence of Cloud Hidden is found in every sip and every breath.

A beginners mind..