Three Cake Set


Enjoy each of our Tea Cakes in this set of three, including;

Dawn | Red Tea | 滇 紅

Observe the awakening world

 Virtues: Golden, Vibrant & Energising

Benefits: Promotes mental clarity & tonification

Size: 200g

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis

Welcome the day with our exquisite Dawn. 
As the sun rises, quietly observe the awakening world while savouring this golden, vibrant, and energising tea. Crafted from carefully selected leaves, skilfully oxidised to perfection, this red tea carries the essence of its rich heritage. 

Earth | Shou Puerh | 熟茶

Fertile soil nourishes growth

Virtues: Thick, Earthy & Smooth

Benefits: Aids digestion, filters toxins & supports cardiovascular health

Size: 200g

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis

Embrace the essence of nature with Earth, a traditional Puerh tea cultivated from ancient trees in the birthplace of tea, Yunnan. Through the process of fermentation, akin to the rich composting of nature, this Shou Puerh unveils a dark, velvety liquor, exuding an earthy richness that warms the body from within.

Mist | White Tea |  白茶

 Unveiling the depths with a gentle touch

Virtues: Soft, Sweet & Expansive

Benefits: Boosts immunity, reduces inflammation & supports the liver and kidneys

Size: 200g

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis

Enter a realm of ephemeral beauty with Mist, a tea that captures the essence of fleeting moments and the delicate dance of nature. With minimal human intervention during cultivation and production, this tea offers a unique opportunity for a direct communion with nature.