Kettle | 1800ml | 'Dark'



Explore endless expressions of earth

The Cloud Hidden range of Kettle are created by packing ash from a wood fire kiln onto each piece. Then handcrafted these kettles resemble the different tones of the earth, from which we all come from and will return too.

Ranging from Dark to Light, each kettle is unique and has been hand-finished with devotion and care.

Made from a highly porous Taiwanese clay, the key function of a kettle is to produce finer water for brewing tea. These clay kettles are fireproof so they can be put directly on a flame


Please Note:

Please remember that each piece from Cloud Hidden is a completely unique, hand-finished work of art. There are no two kettles, bowls or teapots from us that are the same; as no two tea sessions are the same. The photos will give you a sense of what each piece may feel like. There may be some variation depending on lighting, however, we try our best to accurately represent each piece

Kettle holds approximately 1.8 Litres