Visiting Teachers

Ajahn James  Morrison        

James Morrison was a Buddhist monk from 1990 to 2022. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Eastern religious studies, he lived in Thailand for 15 years undergoing intensive training in meditation and living a life of austere simplicity. During this time, he studied and trained with many of the most famous Buddhist masters of that era. James is now a recognized meditation master in his own right, based at the Redwood Hermitage in California. He is the author of numerous books, articles and translations, and has extensive experience teaching retreats and mindfulness in daily life. 


We are honoured to have Ajahn James offering a series of teachings.
Workshops are offered on a sliding scale pricing.


Evening Talks

Approximately 60 minutes

Sliding Price Scale from $25.00 - A$55.00


Loving with Wisdom

Monday November 20th 6.00pm

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Serenity and Insight: A Natural Unfolding

Wednesday November 22nd  6.00pm

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True Freedom: Unwavering Peace

Friday November 24th 7.00pm

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